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The Textual Confidence Collective (TCC) promotes historic confidence in the text of Scripture through an exciting and info-packed seven-episode podcast. We observe three major approaches to the textual reliability of the Bible: Textual Skepticism Textual Absolutism Textual Confidence We resist a postmodern skepticism toward the text of Scripture, and any form of textual absolutism that would pick one translation of the text as final and jot-and-tittle perfect. The TCC takes a biblically faithful view of the divine origin, authority, and preservation of the text of the Bible. In seven episodes we introduce you to the TCC; examine the history and claims of Textual Absolutism; recover the Bible’s theology of providential preservation; and uncover the real story of Erasmus, the TR, and the KJB. We then take you by the hand and walk you through the materials, methods, and history of New Testament Textual Criticism and equip you to hold and promote confidence in the text of the Bible. Subscribe now at www.textualconfidence.com to get all the upcoming content. Join the movement. Connect to Confidence. Continue the legacy.

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Monday Aug 22, 2022

In the seventh episode of the Textual Confidence Collective we conclude the whole matter. Be inspired to tell the truth, love the plowboy, trust the Spirit, appreciate the translators, and grow in Confidence. Meet men of the past who stood firm for Textual Confidence against the Absolutism and Skepticism of their day. Get an up close look at essential resources for Textual Confidence so you can inherit and continue this historic legacy.

Monday Aug 15, 2022

In the sixth episode of the Textual Confidence Collective we give you a tour of the history of New Testament Textual Criticism and the faithful men to whom it has been committed. Meet the church fathers who debated textual variants and the editors who produced our early critical texts. Peek in as we evaluate 1881 and the impact of the efforts of Hort and Westcott. Learn about cutting edge advances in textual methods today and important new editions of the Greek NT like the Tyndale House Greek NT (THGNT) and the Editio Critica Maior (ECM). Discover how you can be a part of completing the Textual Criticism that Erasmus titled “a work of piety.”

Monday Aug 08, 2022

In the fifth episode of the Textual Confidence Collective we show you the physical materials God has given us that support Confidence. Every good and perfect gift is from above. New Testament Textual Criticism is complicated by this wealth of materials. How are manuscripts classified? How many do we have? How do they get used? You need learned and faithful guides through this maze of manuscripts. Peter and Elijah take you by the hand, walk you through the materials and methods of Textual Criticism, and show you why you too should have Textual Confidence.

Monday Aug 01, 2022

In the fourth and central episode of the Textual Confidence Collective we examine common myths that circulate about manuscripts and the origins of the TR and the KJB. It might even be the story you were told. Do all the manuscripts agree? How similar are the TR and NT manuscripts? Did the KJB Translators do Textual Criticism? We uncover the real history so the truth can set you free, introduce you to the men who created the TR and KJB, and give you their views in their own words.
For more information about the Collective, visit our website: www.TextualConfidence.com

Monday Jul 25, 2022

In the third episode of the Textual Confidence Collective we examine the biblical theology of preservation. Hermeneutics matters. God’s promises matter. Theology matters. Join us as we examine the key biblical texts relating to preservation (like Ps. 12:6-7, Matt. 4:4, 5:18, and 24:35), expose their misuse, and then provide a theologically faithful exegesis of each in their contexts. We distinguish five forms of Textual Absolutism active today and urge resisting each, because we believe that retrieval of a biblically faithful theology of preservation is essential to the church’s health.

Monday Jul 18, 2022

In the second episode of the Textual Confidence Collective we gain respect for the history of Textual Absolutism and reflect on the story it tells. We examine the claims of “Two Streams of Bibles” culminating in the Textus Receptus (TR) and King James Bible (KJB), and introduce you to men in history who resisted the Textual Absolutism of their day, including creators of the TR and KJB. We elucidate Miles Smith’s biblical-historical argument against Textual Absolutism in the preface to the KJB and sketch out five forms of Absolutism active today that you should know.
For more information, visit www.TextualConfidence.com

Monday Jul 11, 2022

In this inaugural episode of the Textual Confidence Collective Podcast you meet us—Mark, Peter, Tim, and Elijah—as we share the personal journeys by which God led us to Textual Confidence. Hear our stories and learn five truths we want you to take away from the coming episodes. Discover why we care, and why you should too.
Dr. Mark Ward
Peter Montoro
Tim Berg
Dr. Elijah Hixson

Thursday Jul 07, 2022

Textual Confidence Collective is a forthcoming podcast dealing with the transmission and translation of the text of Scripture.

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